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  • Doesnt setting your auction for 7 days give you a better chance to let buyers find your listing and perhaps add you to there watch list? If your dealing with a rare item like a limited edition album on colored vinyl by a lesser known band isnt it best to give collectors more time to find your item? I would be worried setting a auction for 24 hours would limit by potential bidders. I am experienced Ebay buyer looking to turn seller. Thanks for any advice folks.

    This is how we calculate our profit on an item:
    Item cost + 7.9% of item cost + 2.4% of item cost + insertion fees + store fees + plus extra option fees + paypal transaction fee. Then take this figure and add 2.4% of your postage cost to it. Then take that figure eg. $20 and if you want to make $2 on the item add $2.20 (10.3% Ebay / Paypal fees) Then add any GST, Import tax and business tax to this.



  • if i want to sell things on ebay , but i don’t have a credit card can i use a prepaid card !!!?

  • I now have an idea of what I want to do as far as selling items on eBay. His tips and advise is very helpful. Thanx Pirillo.

  • I made my first sale online!! 18.09.11 (last sunday)

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  • If you’re selling an item do you have to purchase the UPS box ahead of time, do they come to your door and deliver it to you, or do you head to the UPS Store after the auction is over?

  • You can no longer get deals on ebay as so many people are now shill bidding by using friends and familes user names to bid on their own items or getting friends and familes to bid on their items.

  • your wrong about setting your bid for only 24 hours.Set it for 3-7 days.Its true that most people dont bid on it until the last moment ,but thats a stategy people use to try and catch it at a low price.7 days gives people more time to actually notice your auctions there and keep there eye on it until that last moment when everybody rushes to bidd on it

  • @ciller1985 how to buy and sell with credit card or nochex on ebay without paypal aka
    feepay who dont mind takeing your money but never help and they hold your money for 180days for no reason and you can waste years and money with phone calls just to get some moron saying i cant help you
    go here if you are dont like paypal youtube.com/watch?v=WEvMV_xKGl0

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