How to Sell Online When Bob Dunlap of ClickBank told me that one of his clients made 0000 last year selling an ebook about how to attract humming birds to your home, I had to interview him. ClickBank helps you sell digital media (ebooks, audio, etc) online. I asked Bob to teach us how we can earn money by selling online. Here’s some of what I learned. (Download the full interview for much more.) Go one niche deeper Many of the people I interviewed on Mixergy have told you to find a niche–target bird-lovers, for example. Bob says go one niche deeper–target humminbird-lovers. ClickBank has found that getting more precisely will help you increase sales. So, instead of selling products that help your customers get fit, for example, show them how to get tighter abs. Target the news When gas prices rose, ebooks about how to get better fuel efficiency were hot sellers. When the dollar lost value, digital media on foreign exchange strategies made money. If you want to sell online, bob suggests trying the digital media that you sell to what’s going on in the news. (As Sean Percival explained in his interview, that also helps increase traffic.) Recycle your content After looking at, Bob thought a good product for me to sell might be a compilation of my past interviews. Repackaging your content can be an easy way to start bringing in revenue. Matt Mickiewicz of SitePoint told me that’s how his company starting making money. Court affiliates Your site has a limited


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  • I Summary:
    1) Go one niche deeper than everyone else
    2) Create content around what’s currently in the news
    3) Recycle existing content
    4) Use affiliates

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