How To Tweak or Edit Your WordPress Theme A video for new WordPress users demonstrating how to make simple changes to the theme. Changes demonstrated include changing link colors and adding code or newsletter signup messages to the bottom of every post.


  • The easiest way is to just add a new theme through your WordPress dashboard, then use that theme to test and experiment with.

  • Great! That makes it very easy to experiment without fear of screwing my original template up. I appreciate the quick response.

  • Ok, I was using the kubric theme and now switched over to the ‘classic’ theme to experiment with. I’m in edit mode and want to start making changes to the style sheet. And just like in kubric, I’m getting a choice of rtl.css and style.css. Are those style sheets linked to both themes, so if I make changes to either sheet it will affect both?Maybe I should upload a complete new theme that uses a different set of stylesheets and us it. What do you think?

  • Thanks very much for this tutorial.

    What if instead of a line of text add a graphic to sort of divide each post. I’m guessing the graphic would go inside the images folder inside the theme folder but what code can be used or please correct me if I’m wrong on this.


  • @714JPP Yes, you can do that. Unfortunately, YouTube won’t let me post code in the comments so maybe I’ll do another video on that later. Google img src.

  • Another option for the last part, when placing something just ***right after the post*** – would be to put there a widgetized area, so that you can change the content whenever you like. Most importantly: without having the template files writable/editable online, which is always a huge security risk!

  • Hey
    Thanks for the video, really good.
    My site, when viewed in a browser, does not have a small icon displayed next to the site name on the tab. For example, when browsing YouTube, the tab displays a small YouTube logo and the text YouTube – Broadcast Yourself. How do i customise this?

  • @Eddabed It sounds like you are talking about a favicon. Just type in “how to upload a favicon” into Google.

  • how do you change image size? I use a theme (my site:) whatwomenmake is the site that has very small thumbnails below the fold and i’d like it to look like a regular blog?

  • @girlonthestreet It is really hard to say without seeing your theme’s code. There is most likely a bit of code somewhere in your theme files that has the pixel size of the thumbnail images. It’s just a matter of finding it and increasing the pixel size.

  • I don’t understand how people are going to build rather complex or semi complex sites without knowing html and css. People, learn that first, because when you run on problem you really won’t know what hit you.

  • Thanks for this. Can you cover how to make a horizontal navbar in the header that stays at the top of the screen as the main content scrolls vertically? Looking to do this without frames. Thanks.

  • hi, can u please let me know that how can i change the main page background, is it possible to edit my theme, thanks would be so grateful for me !

  • @westnepal It depends on your theme but this is usually done through your css stylesheet. Typically, you can find it by going under the appearance tab in WordPress and clicking on editor, then editing your stylesheet. Look for the background property and change it to suit your needs. Searching for “css background” in Google should help you.

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