Html 5 tutorial – 02 – Basic structure.mp4

This video shows you the the difference between older Html and Xhtml documents and the new Html 5 documents. It also gives you a brief introduction of new Html5 elements and how they are are implemented. This video will show you how the Html 5 is more powerful and yet easy to use that (X)Html. Link to my Html 5 forms tutorials (9 videos) Link to my Css text cheatcodes (30 videos)


  • @AlwaysGreedy55 It’s notpad ++.When you first install notepad++ than there is a white background you can change that by going to setting , than to style configurator, than you will see a panel .On the left you can select the theme for your notepad++, i use bespin, and on the right hand side you can select the font and the font size.I have used monaco font in this. And when you select the font and font size make sure that first two boxes are checked so that the changes make take place

  • Your little fast, can you be a bit slow that we get the terms and better understanding of the new tags that are in HTML5. Do we need to create XHTML or can we create basic HTML page and use these new tags.

  • I’m going through your tutorials now and I like what I see. i’m a web designer in school learning to become a developer. i now know HTML and I just took JavaScript now, I’m upgrading my mind to CSS, HTML 5, and Jquery. Hopefully , you have tutorials on these programs and how to put together with editors like Dreamweaver. If you already have these tutorials please let me know. thank you ,respectfully Thomas Ford

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