HTML5 a Game Changer for Web Publishers, Advertisers

Complete video at: Elevation Partners managing director Roger McNamee predicts HTML5 will be a huge disruptive force for both web publishers and online advertisers. “HTML5 allows you to treat a web page as a brand new canvas, with no rules, no limits — no crappy Flash,” says McNamee. —– Roger McNamee is a managing director and co-founder of Elevation Partners. Prior to Elevation, Roger was a co-founder of Silver Lake Partners, the leading private equity fund focused on technology and related growth industries. He was a member of Silver Lake’s Investment Committee and was involved in all aspects of that partnership. Prior to Silver Lake, Roger was a co-founder of Integral Capital Partners. Integral is a leading technology investor in late-stage venture and public company investments. Founded in 1991 by Roger, John A. Powell, and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Integral pioneered the crossover investment strategy, which seeks maximum capital appreciation by making investments in expansion-stage private companies and growth-stage public companies in the technology and life science industries. Prior to founding Integral, Roger managed the T. Rowe Price Science & Technology Fund and co-managed the T. Rowe Price New Horizons Fund, which was at that time the largest emerging growth fund in the US Roger serves as a trustee of Bryn Mawr College, an overseer of the Amos Tuck School of Business Administration at Dartmouth College, a director of the Rex Foundation, Move


  • Hopefully, companies use an advertising model that is NOT intrusive and focus on user experience… This could be opening pandoras box… fingers crossed.

  • @LibertyDownUnder Sorry, seems you’re showing your ignorance.
    I’m not a web programmer but sounds like he’s talking about open source programming that will allow Audio & Video to transfer to any device without extra licensing fees.
    Very likely could be the next revolution on the web and your cell phone.

  • Where there are adverts, there will be ad blockers, *I* will have control of what I look at on a page, not Coca Cola, not Porsche. Its corporations vs the global population of tech savvy people, sorry the corporations lose, but there will be enough non- tech savvy sheep for the corporations to bombard with ads and keep sites free.. so its all good 😉

  • This guy is so full of shit:

    1. html5 is a collection of markup and javascript standards, not a programming language

    2. html5 has been evolving really rapidly, where does he get “totally static” from

    3. “We will put out the first media site that is pure html5” is just amazingly false. This tech is all over the place in the wild.

    4. Satellite uplink? Whatever, you’re still paying for servers and bandwidth from middlemen.

    This is amazingly silly.

  • Somebody get this guy the fuck outta here. Here’s apparently indoctrinated with bullshit about the ability of HTML5. It is still in it infancy to create a dynamic interaction compare to flash. Not that I rooting for flash either. But the the performance it takes for HTML5 to do the same thing in flash will drain the crap out of your CPU and battery.

  • @goog2k pot kettle black……html 5.0 is the new website designing language. for a long time, websites have been made using the 4.01 standard, with css as a way of presenting websites in a certain way. a website may use java or flash, but its main coding is html to put it all together.

  • @emperorkang Again, I’m not a programmer, but it seems to me he specifically said you no longer need to use Flash with HTML5?

  • @goog2k well it depends on what you want to do with Flash. html 5 is still compatible with html 4.0 and everything that is used currently, but it has also added new code, that its full potential has yet to be realized. try learning more at w3c(dot)org.

  • @substack While I concur with most of what you said, where in the world are you watching media on pure HTML? The VAST majority of media is now played through Flash, and I know of not one major media site that doesn’t use it exclusively. Pure HTML sites, sure, but media sites? Nada… (though there is still an argument to be had, just not about it being done already but rather questioning why the fuck someone would want to)

  • @Truthiness231 what about the html5-version of youtube that released several month ago? isn’t youtube a “media site”?

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