HTML5 Dev Conf: JavaScript Programming Style and Your Brain with Douglas Crockford

In this video from HTML5 Dev Conf, world renowned JavaScript expert, author, creator of JSLint, and discoverer of JSON, Douglas Crockford is going to talk about effective programming style for JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the least perfect programming languages, and in this talk Douglas is going to show you some positive things you can do to reduce your error rate and enhance the beauty of your code.


  • Regarding driving on a side of the road with many more right handed people in the world than left doesn’t it make more sense to drive on the left (left-hand traffic e.g Australia, Japan etc) so your good hand remains on the wheel when you change gears?

  • Changing gear is a more difficult task than controlling the steering wheel. It requires both grabbing and moving with a bigger range of motion. It is similar to playing violin and guitar – you would think we should use the better hand for press down massaging the strings which seems to be more difficult, but in reality we use the better hand for simply plucking or pulling the strings because of the range of motions.

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