HTML5 Multiplayer Game Development

Google Tech Talk (more info below) July 15, 2011 Presented by Rob Hawkes. ABSTRACT In this talk Rob will take you on a journey through the development of Rawkets, his HTML5 and JavaScript multiplayer space shooter. He will place particular focus on the issues that plagued the early progress, as well as the subsequent solutions that helped make it the ever-so-slightly addictive game that it is today. Expect theory, examples, and plenty of code in this light-hearted look at game development with the latest Web technologies. Rob Hawkes (@robhawkes) thrives on solving problems through code. He’s addicted to visual programming, and can’t get enough of HTML5 canvas. Most of his waking life is spent working on crazy projects involving all sorts of new and exciting technologies, both on-line and off. Aside from his practical work, Rob is the author of Foundation HTML5 Canvas, which is all about making games with the new Web technology. He works for Mozilla as a Technical Evangelist, which puts him in the fortunate position of being able to work on his hobbies full time and still feed himself. Learn more at


  • Thank god you guys posted such a video. I have something that’s been burning my mind for a long time, and I needed to know more before I could get further. 🙂

  • Also, great work, but you could have spent 5 more minutes getting the physics right! See Subspace for how it is supposed to be… And the concept doesn’t work at all right now since you can’t press some key combinations simultaneously (I guess that’s why Subspace uses modifiers to fire instead of space).

    Man… someone should make HTML5 Subspace…

  • @TimmmmCam Thanks for the comment. Rawkets hasn’t even gotten out of the prototype stage yet, so there is plenty of time to tweak the physics and general gameplay. I’m more interested in the multiplayer issues and core features of the game right now. I’ll look into the key combinations.

  • Being a game developer I was hoping to hear more about how HTML5 was used here but it looked more like a (possibly newbie’s?) postmortem of his first game. Which was great to listen to but the title is kinda misleading. Thanks for the post though!

  • Google Tech Talks is awesome, but consistently fails with audio quality. Please improve audio quality.

  • Thanks, very informative, good presentation.
    Seems like html5 has a long way to go regarding developing multiplayer games and the end result.

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