• Looks great! I’m glad they’re (ms) is throwing their support for HTML5.

    Are there any plans for Phone support for some ofthe big game-changing aspects of HTML5?

    Application offline/ cache
    Web Workers (threads in JavaScript)
    HTML5 Forms (validation mechanism, CSS3 selectors)
    JavaScript Strict Mode
    File API
    WebGL (3D)
    CSS3 Transitions (for animations)
    CSS3 Text Shadow
    CSS3 Gradients

  • Hеy ѕᴏrry ḟοṙ beinɡ ᴏƒf ṭoρⅰϲ, but I’m sрṙeaⅾіոg mỵ eҳ ցirǀƒṙiеnⅾ’s ѕeх ṭаре aṙᴏսnd. Wȟỵ? Weɭɭ, ხеcaսѕe ѕȟe’ѕ а ხⅰṭⅽհ. Sȟe desеrᴠеⅾ іt, ѕᴏ go aհeаⅾ аnⅾ ԝatсȟ ⅰṭ. Tհe ǀinƘ ⅰѕ oո my ρṙοḟiɭе (ziр pаѕѕwᴏṙⅾ іs 123)

  • @Janis91 If you want to know more about what they’re doing, search “windows phone 7 mango update” on youtube or google

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