• Google Chrome no longer supports h264/mp4. The group owning h264 is known as MPEGLA. Apple and Microsoft are part of MPEGLA.

  • @arthursucks What codec do you prefer? I started using x264 for my YouTube videos because I like the quality. Just now I found a thread on avsforum saying, “x264 is an open source implementation of H.264” … “anything that will play H.264 will be able to play video encoded by the x264 encoder.”

    To be honest, I’m not really archiving my videos for future use outside of YouTube (yet) but if h264 is doomed to obsolescence, I might switch to another codec sooner rather than later.

  • I am a web developer, nice video, my only critique is you relly should be adding a doctype, even though you dont need it your watchers should get in the habit of adding it or else bad things happen!

  • @russjr08: Do you mean the video samples I used in the video? They are in the example code in the first link in the description. If you don’t mean those, let me know.

  • @russjr08: Since my Desktop is only half working I’m using my Laptop and it’s built in mic. It picks up more then the other mic, and I’m in my kitchen which is a little bit echoier. That is, if echoier is a word 🙂

  • @metalx1000 It says your still uploading the sample code 🙂 And yes, I did mean your “Life.ogg” and all the others 🙂


  • I downloaded a .ogg file to practice this video , how would you convert it to a mp4 etc using the terminal please

  • @metalx1000 but why do you do that? cant you just auto convert by changing the file name from sample.ogg to sample.mp4?

  • @313hummer: Just changing the name of a file doesn’t change the format it is. ogg and mp4 are 2 very different codecs.

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