HTML5 video accessibility and the WebVTT file format – Audio Described

An introduction into the WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks) file format and how it is used to provide captions, subtitles and text video descriptions for HTML5 video. WebVTT is a simple line-based file format, which is currently in development at the WHATWG and under consideration for native implementation in the major browsers using the HTML5 element. The slides from this talk are available: This is the audio described version. For the original, see


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    Pausing The video to describe what is going on is very helpful for BLIND people; But still it’s very boring for a normal one.

    And what about deaf people, why there is no captions/subtitles for them,
    I mean a deaf person is more “capable” to learn HTML and use it than a blind one,
    cause at the end of the day html and all programming/scripting language are all about writing a block of code and test it “By sight”

    It’s very ironic to see a video that talks about captions and doesn’t have one.

  • @elcrimer
    Ouch, that’s very embarrassing ;they already uploaded a NORMAL version of the video.

    which can be viewed right here:

  • @elcrimer captions are a standard in youtube videos for a long time. ever noticed that cc-button buttom right of the videos?

  • Should This video have depreciated tags like <b and <i ? Also, if I were to make a karaoke video, there is no easy way to highlight individual words during play… Other than that, it sounds good, I also liked the Elephants dream reference there.

  • @crasherball This is the audio described format and there is a link for the original without the audio descriptions. If you were blind though, you ‘d have found these descriptions quite helpful.
    So… no … they don’t think you are stupid, they are just trying to provide a better experience even for blind users watching the video!

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