HTML5 video accessibility and the WebVTT file format

For the audio described version, see An introduction into the WebVTT (Web Video Text Tracks) file format and how it is used to provide captions, subtitles and text video descriptions for HTML5 video. WebVTT is a simple line-based file format, which is currently in development at the WHATWG and under consideration for native implementation in the major browsers using the HTML5 element. The slides from this talk are available as well:


  • Love it! The hyperlinks might be most useful on a chapter selection page- I would like to see them in the spec. =)

  • Excellent presentation. I must admit I’d love to see hyperlinks officially included within the spec (but I can understand the reasons given as to why they’re not). I also think it’s a great idea to keep style and structure separate – caption formats which mix both are ugly and difficult to read, in my opinion!!!

  • Where are we going here with formatting, hyper-linking from the captions? Speaker Semantics is good, great how CSS can be used to change colour or font type to further differentiate.

  • “Its not a part of the spec”, is that because google haven’t found a way to make money from it yet? Hyper links could be replicated and positioned to the side of the window for a short duration, enough to decide, do I want learn more!

  • Silvia here – thanks for all the nice comments. As for all the ideas about hyperlinks – I think we should just experiment with them through @kind=metadata tracks and once it’s clear that captions and subtitles need hyperlinks, too, we can still add them. I’m personally very supportive of hyperlinks, but I think we can take it one step at a time.

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