• @chinoto1 windows 7 is a semi closed operating system. its not modifiable like android but anyone can make an applications for windows 7 which includes someone who wants to make a virus because you can download from anywhere. windows phone 7 on the other hand is closed. you can’t modify it and you have to join the wp7 developers community to developer for it. therefore without Microsofts consent you cant put an application in the market, therefore wp7 is as secure as ios.

  • @kahuna3901 Desktop OSs have nothing to do with the discussion. I didn’t realise that Windows Phone 7 couldn’t install apps from the web like Windows Mobile could. Even with that, I’m fairly certain that if a virus did bypass their reviewing, iOS would fare better than Windows because it has a better foundation (FreeBSD), assuming Apple didn’t screw it up. I prefer Android because you get the inherent security of Linux (iOS might be good too), freedom, and a reasonable price. 500chr sucks!!!!!!!

  • @chinoto1 because the desktop os is the unsafe os made by microsoft. this operating system is closed, a virus would have to go through the store. im actually an android user and i agree that i like freedom, i like integration with consoles and dekstop os’s more than some of the freedoms given to us as users. for example i hate android skins if they dont add to the experience. my order of purchase is android, wp7, blackberry, webos then ios unfortunately for apple

  • @kahuna3901 Except they are limited to what they can touch, all apps only have storage in isolated storage meaning getting DATA from other applications is almost impossible, also right now all applications written in Managed Code, I think MS is going to announce that only Partners that are Trusted will get Native App privs. So lets say that someone wrote an virus, what would it use, if it can only see the app storage the virus creates that would be pretty useless.

  • @DannysonofGod What the heck are you talking about apple has almost a non-existent marketshare in the enterprise market. Also if you like FreeBSD why wouldnt you just RUN FreeBSD or linux for that matter.

  • @appleistheshit the test is open source, you can download the Javascript files, the plain simple fact is that other browsers have not implemented hardware acceleration.

  • @mxrss1 Yep, called Droid Dream and heres why it doesn’t really matter: you had to actively install the malware like any other app, the security hole it exploited was fixed in 2.3, Google sent a signal to all phones to delete apps known to harbor it, and removed them from the market. Here’s an article about it: (androidpolice . com/2011/03/02/update-on-the-malware-monster-droiddream-is-an-android-nightmare-and-weve-got-more-details/)

  • @chinoto1 But wouldnt the same response come from microsoft or apple if it were to happen to them, all platforms have the ability to remove apps, so isnt this a moot point about a virus?

  • @mxrss1 I wasn’t really thinking there, my argument put simply was supposed to be that Android and iOS should have better inherent security than WP7 based on their heritage, so if they only had their inherent security to rely on (eg no app review), WP7 would be the most damaged by viruses.
    What would be great for Android is a FOSS section that works similar to the PPAs on launchpad (.) net, put the source code out for everyone to see/review and have the server build binaries.

  • @chinoto1 Ok i guess i can sort of agree on that point, but i still dont think the phone would have much of an attack vector considering MS has limited what you have access to., and the only way to get a phone app to work is to write it in a managed langauge which means MS is probably not giving it full trust over the OS.

  • @mxrss1 Exactly, it secures itself by limiting what you can do with it, instead of finding a real way to secure itself. I have never used WP7 or an iPhone, so I wouldn’t know how limited each one is in comparison to Android (which seems to let me do everything I would want it to and a bit more). Even if I did know everything about each phone OS, what I say would probably be biased towards Android since I prefer GNU/Linux on my laptop and like the FOSS philosophy.

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  • @sk8rked Oh my gosh it’s people like you that are so annoying. There is the proof right in front of you, and you make up some crap story to defend your Jesus phone. Fanboyism defys logic.

  • @ksskssful I’m not defending shit you fucktard. Just saying this was a biased test, optimized for IE9 on WP7.

  • @ksskssful Sorry, open source the benchmark so everyone can do it and then it’s proof.

    Either way, I don’t doubt it.

    But oh my gosh, it’s people like you that are so annoying. Believing everything some man at a conference for his company says about comparing to the competitors.

    The world is evil, therefore there’s a 20% chance that this test was completely faked.

    As I said above, I doubt it. IE9 is impressive.

  • @ksskssful Microsoft designing the benchmark for IE9 doesn’t prove it enough? Really? What? You think they used Android or Firefox as their main test when they programmed it? FAIL.

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