Install Joomla on your Windows computer using WAMP server

Canadian Tech Online – Original Article – Joomla! is a very powerful, dynamic, and robust Content Management System (CMS) that runs off of Apache web server, MySQL, and PHP. It is often deployed in coporate intranets as well as a wealth of some of the most popular website on the internet today. If you are a web developer looking to do a mockup of a page, or need to develop a customer’s website offline (or without webspace) then this is the best route for you to go. This is also quite handy for developers to import websites that are currently online to help predict and troubleshoot possible glitches when a site goes through a major update. Setting up Joomla! on your very own Windows computer is as simple as following 6 very short steps: Step 1 – Get Server Software – Joomla! is a web application and needs to be run on top of several other server applications in order to appear in your browser. – You need a database program, a webserver, an operating system, and a scripting language. – WAMP server fills this gap. WAMP stands for Windows, apache, mysql, and php. – Download Install WAMP server Step 2 – Get Joomla! – Joomla is essentially ditributed as a bunch of php scripts in a zip file. – Download the latest version of Joomla at Step 3 – Start WAMP Server – In order to install Joomla, you must have all of the needed server components running. – Double click the WAMP server icon from your desktop of choose


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