• I am a designer with absolutely no clue about backend stuff and I installed this pretty easy. The trick was the pause button :).

  • I’ve been trying to figure out how to install Joomla on my laptop. But it appears that you actually upload Joomla to whoever is hosting your website. Is that correct? Your video is very informative by the way. I’ve looked at various open source web site programs like NVU, Drupal, and WordPress. So far I’m narrowing down between Joomla and Drupal. Do you have any sites that you’d recommend for tutorial information on Joomla? Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions too.

  • Sorry, but I have’t yet had the time to create a general-information video on how to use your web space… from some of these recent questions it sounds like maybe I need to… but to quote a previous commenter, the secret to being sure you got it all, is to use the pause button frequently 🙂

  • OMG Nathan im pulling my hair out I have placed the folder in my html folder i get to the set up php but i put that file of permissions into the joomla file on my ftp but it still says unwritable what am i doing wrong I make the Touch configuration.php with the folling inside it ill paste in 2nd comment
    help Sara x

  • touch configuration.php
    chmod a+w configuration.php
    chmod a+w administrator/backups/
    chmod a+w administrator/components/
    chmod a+w administrator/modules/
    chmod a+w administrator/templates/
    chmod a+w cache/
    chmod a+w components/
    chmod a+w images/ image/banners/ images/stories/
    chmod a+w language/
    chmod a+w mambots/ mambots/content/ mambots/editors/ mambots/
    chmod a+w editors-xtd/
    chmod a+w mambots/ search/ mambots/system/
    chmod a+w media/
    chmod a+w modules/
    chmod a+w templates/

  • Hi Sara, you have to run those commands. If you are using FTP then it won’t help to upload those commands into a file, they have to be run. (If you were using SSH you could turn that file into a command, but you aren’t.)

    So the “touch” command is unix-speak for “make an empty file named” … so that’s what you should do with configuration.php…

    The rest of them you will have to use your FTP program. You will have to figure out how to “chmod”

  • (continued)
    (most FTP programs might nickname the chmod command “Change file Permissions”). a+w means “all users can write” so when you find the chmod, you’ll probably get checkboxes, make sure all the checkboxes saying “Write” are turned on.

  • DON’T USE THIS VIDEO ANYMORE! The reason is because Joomla 1.5 is now stable and more secure than Joomla 1.0. My video instructs you to use Joomla 1.0 because back when I made it, Joomla 1.5 was still young. Now it is much better touse Joomla 1.5. Also Joomla 1.5 has fewer security problems.

  • Also the install process is pretty different, so if you get the new version 1.5 (which I recommend now) my video will be no help. But thanks to you 13,000+ people who watched it!

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