Integrating Joomla with Magento by Anh Nguyen (August 2009)

* Teams * Community Blog * Leadership Blog Latest Leadership Posts * An end of an era * New webmasters appointed for the community site Latest Posts * Happy 4th Birthday to Joomla! * Being “The Vendor” for Security Issues * Webinar: Introducing Joomla! Magento Integration * Preparing Joomla!Day Germany 2009 * Webinar: Introducing an Accessible Administrator Template * Webinar: Introducing JImageLib * Webinar: Introducing civiCRM Modules Sat 29 Aug 2009 Webinar: Introducing Joomla! Magento Integration Written by Mark Dexter Magento is a powerful e-commerce solution but is lacking in general CMS functionality. For his GSoC 2009 project, Anh Nguyen created an extension that allows you to use Joomla! for your regular website and Magento for your e-commerce site. Best of all, to the user, it looks and feels like one integrated site. This is a clip from the longer presentation available here:

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