• it sounds like u already have the basic knowledge to;
    1.buy a domain(cheap)
    2.buy a Linux hosting plan with PHP+MySql(cheap)
    3.install Joomla 1.5(free)
    4.install FireBoard Forum For Joomla(free)
    5.other stuff will be free or not that expensive. only -ve point is that you’d have to put in some effort and time. +ve point is that it’ll be much cheaper and you’ll be in control of the entire portal.
    I’m experimenting with Joomla 1.5 myself these days and find it very promising. good luck!!

  • Thanks for the video.

    I got stuck when my web browser wouldn’t open to IP page.

    I got an IP number but than the browser failed to open the page.

    Any ideas? Anyone?

  • Joomla is for the “non-techie” my ass. Set up/instalation alone reqires a textbook of information for regular users.

    Yea you don’t have to be a “code monkey” but just an IT administrator…. I can’t see what you are doing, typing in URL etc. Joomla seems advertised so that regular people can create awesome websites but who plays with CPanel, MYSQL, PHP Admin etc., who already isn’t a code monkey?

    Where is the “ease of use factor?…”

    How can designers benifit who are not IT whizes?

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  • Hello, ii found this video really useful. I was wondering a way to get a domain. so i can change the localhost thing and be able to finally have it on the web.

  • Hey, thanks. This is the second time I’ve used this video to do an install. There are a few of these out there but this is by far the best. I think I actually have it now too. Thanks again.

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  • “Scrollinondubs” I do appreciate you taking the time to create this useful tutorial. You have saved me a huge amount of precious time. Stay Healthy and Thanks Val.

  • joomla 1.5 is really powerful. websites integrated with joomla are very much liked by our clients. thanx a tonn to the joomla dev team.

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