JOOMLA Drop Down menus with SWMenu Free – A walkthrough setting up drop-down menus in Joomla 1.5 with SWMenu pro. I found it was easier than WordPress. I made a small mistake with this one. About 9min 25sec in I said that the page won’t validate if you use one setting. Turns out I was wrong about this, so I can only assume it had something to do with the template I was using at the time.


  • @CamonHeroFans yeah the backend leaves a bit to be desired with regards to the color scheme lol! Still it’s a small price to pay for the functionality offered 🙂

  • As the author of swMenuFree, thankyou for the informative video. It should help people to more easily set up a drop down menu using swMenuFree. You did get one thing wrong though. The menu modules will validate no matter what style sheet option you choose. “do not link” is for really advanced users, a much better way to manually customise the menu module style should you need too is to set the “load style sheet” to “link external” then press “export”

  • Hi There
    The drop down video menu at the top of youtube how can we show more than 24 videos please I checked in my youtube account settings but cannot see any options to change it.

  • Thanks a lot for this.

    Just for info, I have tried this with the new Joomla 1.6 and it works pretty as much as you indicate (using the Beez 2.0 template). Only tweek was to choose position-1.

  • @Bottleneck11 hey Bottleneck11, thanks for commenting. I’m sure that will be good news to all those trying out 1.6. I haven’t given it a shot yet but the day is coming…

  • I”m new to Joomla and wasn’t sure how to add a new menu. Very clear, easy to follow. I appreciate a nice, professional video! Thank you!

  • Thank you. I wish there were more documentation with images like this. It’d make things much easier for students like me.

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