Joomla Themes from a Photoshop Template Design in Seconds – Create a working Joomla Template from your Photoshop PSD design in seconds. Joomla is a Content Management System you can use to build fantastic websites with. Now you can build your own theme or skin for that website in Photoshop and install it to your Joomla website without writing any code. Watch this video tutorial to learn how. UPDATE – I added some CSS so that if your Joomla content extends past the end of your template design, scroll bars automatically appear and your template stays in tact. If you don’t like that effect, you can still do the Expanding Theme technique we have in some other videos. EVEN BETTER UPDATE! – I just added a new feature called _frame that makes it super easy for you to design a Joomla (or WordPress or Drupal or HTML design) theme that expands with your content! Check out the video reply I made to this video!


  • @psd2cssonline
    Very usefull tutorial!!!!
    I didn’t knew this…
    What size (w-h) is the document for photoshop?

    Please reply….

  • Im new to all this web building business…….I need clarification.
    1. Why was Joomla down loaded in your computer and not through your webhost server? (mines downloaded in Hostmonster)
    2. what is Wamp? is it a web host?
    3. How did Joomla “render” (send) the Texts in PSD content box? Did the PSD file you uploaded in Psd2css contain text info?

    PLEASE HELP! thanks

  • @anthonyontherocks – joomla is loaded on the computer so he can develope. Wamp is to create the mysql database running on his computer for the development.

    You could do it all online if you wanted to.

    He is just an advanced developer so he has set it up on his computer – then once he is finished he will upload it to a web server.

    3) cant help there… he probably added it later or had it as a layer?

  • @psd2cssonline I do rasterzing and still no shadows ever show.. also when I convert it and put the template on there is extra white space at the top and left of page. been trying to get rid of it. I am fairly new but so far figuring out everying by myself PSD2CSS helps alot.

  • I have a problem guys, i hope somebody will help me, when i convert my template on psd2css and install it on my localhost i can not see my articles, my sections, nothing, just a template, can somebody help me?/??

  • @IronSerb your template loads but will not load the existing articles? can you forward the PSD to support so we can see if we can replicate the issues?

  • @psd2cssonline yes, and i have only two articles, it is a very small site, not big, i am doing everything, just like on this video but it is not working, i can see only a template, were can i send my PSD file, mail or somewhere else?

  • @IronSerb do you have a paid membership or two week trial? Please send us the user name for your account and the PSD to support at psd2cssonline com if you are still having issues

  • @psd2cssonline I have created my account today…my username is for psd2css is also IronSerb…i am sendimg you a psd…thanks a lot guys…

  • @feeltheshit hey, doesn’t matter to me. I’m not going to go through thousands of templates. I’m good at photoshop, so I’ll just make my own and use this. 🙂

  • I am skeptical about this. Does this work for very complex PSD’s? The one used in the tutorial was quite simple. I know how to go from PSD to Joomla manually and I know that menus especially with background images sometimes are troublesome. A few weeks ago I worked on a very complex PSD file and converted it. This would be a very amazing and helpful capability for me.

  • how can i compress my psd file…. i currently have 9.23 mb and if i try merging the the layers thn the file actuall gets bigger rather than smaller please help

  • how we can install the wamp and how this program can run, i don´t konw how install and the both thing´s. wamp and joomla work for upload the template in joomla ??
    or directly for my php admin can with out wamp

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