• I would stick to YouTube… I also have a website TrainMeJoomla where I try to help people using Joomla… Books become dated too fast.

  • DEADLY the guy who was doing it for me left me hanging without completing the site n i needed to upload photos and change banner thanks MAN i owe u one

  • get to the point and stop moving the mouse all over the place man. so much talking for so little informaiton.

  • One question for ya… is there a way to make menu choices roll across a web page like the Mac interface does? You know, how they look like pages moving across a 3d space in front of you as you pull your mouse across the page. Such as the the page is interactive and when you mouse over it responds. Is that a flash thing? Just wondering.

  • Hello There 🙂
    Mr Geek Man, i need major help…the template I’m using doesn’t have a banners area and I’m not well versed in css or html….so is it possible for you to tell me how to add it? Code and everything? i just know enough to get in and do small edits.

    Thanks for your time 🙂

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