• Chad, Thanks for the video. I was pulling my hair out for days. I just found your tutorial, and it helped me out 100 fold. Any ETA on the menu tutorial?

  • The menu tutorial is already up, along with a bunch of others. If you look on the side of this video you will see a series list. You can find it there. Or, you can click on my channel name and access it from there. Thanks for the comment!

  • Hey thanks. i saw and watched a bunch of those after i sent you that comment. Now I have another issue though..i some how turned off my menus. I see others having similar issues. But i still feel like i am on roadmap to hell!

  • Dude, you are awesome!! 😛 I’m a graphic designer and I want to start with Joomla and using your tutorials will make things a lot easier! 😀

  • In version 1.6 you just need to make 2 categories and set one to the parent because there is no section manger in version 1.6

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