• @Shoguo What editor are you using? If it is TinyMCE, you may want to change it to the JCE Editor. That is my editor of choice. After installing it, make sure you either set it as the default or set it as the editor under your profile. There are settings within the editor component that will allow you to use CSS.

  • @robbluther I installed the editor, but when someone actually visits the site and clicks a menu link, it still strips the formatting.

  • Why are all the tutorials based on creating side menus I’m trying to set up a horizontal menu with tabs across each page. I think it’s called a top menu. No tutorials anywhere. I’ve been at it 4 hours. this is nuts.

  • @advantagesocialmedia

    I had the same issue, I purchased the joomla template kit by Brian Diaz, Media 65. I was apprehensive and thought it would be a total waste of money, everyone was singing it’s praises, but I was still not sure. The kit was not only good, the tutorials accompanying it were priceless. Might be an idea to check it out, it has the top menu tutorial and some fantastic explanations. Hope that helps.

  • @advantagesocialmedia The process is the same. You need to look at your template. It is all based on styling. Most come with a horizontal menu position. Artisteer is a program that allows you to easily create Joomla templates. DreamWeaver CS5 has Joomla support in it but I haven’t had a chance to play with it yet.

  • Ok let me see if i get this. Articles are like the body of you webpage, Catagorys are for Sub titles, Sections are for section titles? Am i right? If not what is the order?

  • I want to create online book. On the left pane he sees titles of chapters. When he clicks on a chapter title, then it expands and the sections inside that chapter are displayed. When he clicks on a section, then the contents of the section are displayed.
    The content may contain anything – formatted text, graphics, audio, video, animation.Do you think this can be done thorugh Joomla? Or, will you suggest some other content management system? Thanks.

  • Man that video was hard to watch. Sorry, but I think the content was probably ok, and was exactly what I was trying to learn, but I couldn’t work out what you were doing ‘cos you zoomed in to such a small section of your screen the video was always panning.
    I don’t think I can watch it again, my eyes hurt… (nice try though)

  • @robbluther the confusing things is, you zoom too much >.<
    , and what are displayed doesn't match exactly what u're talking.

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