• The info was good, but it was like watching a Bruce Lee movie. The video lagged badly behind the sound. The constant panning made me seasick.

  • You make Joomla so easy to understand and you give a lot of useful information that I would’ve never stumbled upon anywhere else….Thank you so much.

  • Thanks dude but you move the screen everywhere. I think you need to zoom out so that we can have big view area. Good job!

  • hi robb, i hv a few question to ask u. how to make menu option go to other page, this is because in my website when i click other link it still in the same page and the carousel is still in the same page also.:(. i really dissapointed with this..

  • getting rather frustrating seeing it in 240p. It’s just too small a window for people to see the general picture of what’s going on. I am constantly getting lost and hoping you’ll move to the upper right of the screen to show what section/category/etc you’re in so I can catch up.

    Larger res, less panning

  • @theyvegonetoplaid I agree. Nevertheless I appreciate people who do these tutorials but with rather little effort you could make the following a lot easier. Regards, Janne.

  • I dont need to see whatever you are typing in THAT size. Please dont zoooom into that. Need the ‘Big picture’!

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