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Beginner tutorial for running a Joomla! website hosted at Learn how to add sections, categories, and items. How to use the menus and login


  • I only have a few weeks to decide to change to a new venue. I have figured out a few things in Joomla, but have LOTS of questions. Not really into reading all that copy that goes with help. Right now one story has no WordWrap..copy goes off the page. Large spaces appear. Or don’t appear.

  • @TutorializedHelp Correct hosting sites requires real resources that cost money to maintain power and keep secure.
    You can get hosting from my Company with Joomla! setup for you for only $5/month which is about as cheap as you are going to get. Message me if you have more questions

  • @spcruising All I can say is keep trying. If you need help there are companies out there like MLDS who will help you when you get stuck and let you keep going on your own.

    My own case when i first found Joomla! a number of years ago It confused me so much I didn’t use it for a few years. I then picked it up again and it clicked. The point of this video was to explain the parts that caught me so others would not have to go though what I did.

  • @spcruising A few common problems cause this. The first is a poorly designed custom template. The other is copy and pasting in articles into the editor from Word or other processing program that supports formatting (bold, colors etc). The joomla! formatting gets placed on top of the Word formatting causing issues!

    If you want contact me and I can help you with this. Once you see ways you can fix it once or twice you should be able to cruse though the rest of your needs.

  • @palen12 Hey i have my website but its with and i have a template that i got from joomla and i want to install it but idk how to can you help me or am i doing something wrong?

  • IDK, but-is Joomla kinda like WordPress org? Or is it more dynamic, in terms of websites like Yelp or something like that?

  • @DarkFuryPunisher I would say it is more dynamic than wordpress but if you want something like yelp it is going to take a lot of work. You can build these addons for joomla, there is a good book I have by LeBlanc on how to do this. I would say that wordpress is not nearly as good for doing complicated things.

  • @spongebob12345 it doesn’t really matter, but I like to pick out the domain first, they are very cheap (hosts like MLDS just include the first domain in the hosting package). This also lets you brand the site when you build it, most sites you refer to the domain many times in the sites content.

  • hey there,

    well i just rcently started using joomla, but ive been using Dreamweaver /photoshop for ever. Say I created the entire site before hand on dreamweaver, but my client wants to use joomla because hes familiar with it. would I have to do the entire site again using Joomla? or is there a method I can upload the site, and then use joomla for the CMS?

  • @HBLefty Sorta, you would need to turn the design from dreamweaver into a joomla! template and install it. Then Joomla! could be used to control your content. If you know a little HTML it is not hard, Joomla! has ‘magic’ bits you put in your needed div’s that will be replaced with your content and modules. You can find online how to create a basic joomla template.

  • Can you create online ordering system for user/customer so the customer logs in, types in a couple of lines, adds/uploads their logo and the order & artwork are then given to us in a format that we can send off to a printer. Customer would need to see a proof. Can you streamline this process?
    1. File needs to be sent to a printer we use in new York in pdf, ai, tiff, jpeg….Good thing is size and format are the exact same.

  • @nirvanafrik I don’t know WIX, so I can’t give you a good answer, but if WIX is a CMS then yes, if it is just a site builder than no.

  • @BigDDe yes you can create this. It requires some massaging of code that is already out there, but it would not be that hard. Send me a message on youtube and we can talk about it.

  • @lowbar77 thank you! Subscribe to my channel as I will be posting more tutorials in the future, you can also contract me by the hour.

  • If your looking for Joomla 1.6 Tutorials you should do a search for “joomlage Joomla 1.6 video tutorials”. I found them extremely useful as it was my first time using joomla.

  • @palen12 thanks for the video it helped me works great used this in wamp sever I just subed thanks man I love it.

  • @MrPsphaxor glad you liked it, I am working up outlines for an entire series of joomla 1.6 tutorials so subscribe to get them later

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