• hey man i need some help. i’ve downloaded joomla 1.5 i dont know how to install it or open it pls help.

  • can somebody tell me how i can upload virtuemart in the joomla install/uninstall manager? i know that joomla only allows files <2 M and virtuemart is 2,7 mb

  • @MvD503 unzip first then install im sure you myst have done it by now coz it has been 6 months if you havent your an idiot lol

  • @MvD503 unzip the file on you computer, in the unziped files unzip the shop, then upload it to by ftp to your tmp folder, then go to install page within joomla, and install from folder (the one in the middle), just keep the address thats in the field and just click install… don, if anyone has any problems send me a message

  • @MvD503 lol im an idiot i carnt get it working because virtue mart is not showing in the modules, i have it in the components but not the modules

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