Lesson 5 – Adding Pictures Into Joomla 1.5

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  • I have serious problem, cannot add picture to mod_mainmenu block. How to do that? Example: paymemt method – paypal in separated menu.

  • Depending on your browser, I believe Firefox and Safari will produce “points” in the corners of the picture and in the middle along the sides. You can use your mouse to grab these points and adjust the size. However, if you image is that LARGE it is best to re-size it first, then upload to your platform. Otherwise you’ll have long pic loading time and it will slow your site. Hope this helps 🙂

  • yes but how did you do it in the tutorial, did you stop the video and secretly do it in an image rotation program, like in those cooking programs where they stop the camera and finish the steak behind the scenes =P

  • hy. i have a fresh copy of joomla 1.5.15, i use google chrome and once i insert the image (like you presented here), i right click on it and it has no copy (for copy and paste in another place). so i can’t move it. also i can’t select the image for resizing and moving in the page. i searched the web for hours and there seems to be a bug, but i didn’t find any solution. so could you tell my how did you make that work for you?

  • @QuicSite
    I have the sam problem, I’ve done exactly the as your tutorial, I’m using Safari. There’s just no corner to resize or align, they seem to be locked wherever you up load it.

    I can go into the HTML codes and replace “left” to “Center” or “right” but you seem to be able to simply drag and drop where you want.

    Was this set up for you this way or do you have extensions to Joomla?

  • @patrunjali – this historically is a broswer issue, not a Joomla issue. Keep in mind, you can always use the image edit icon and manually change the dimensions. Otherwise using ctrl+c or ctrl+x and ctrl+v should make it to where to can move the picture. That is first cut the pic (ctrl+x) and paste it where you need it (ctrl+v).

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  • my web designer as done a runner. i have flash payers in my gallery and i need to add photos. how do i do it?
    my website joemurtagh(dot)(com)

  • jaxx4nc, If the flash is custom created by the designer you may have to rely on him. Otherwise if they are using some component or module you may have control over it through your Joomla backend. Usually a process that at least involves specifying a folder to read out of. Hope this helps.

  • @jaxx4nc – This depends. If it was through Joomla modules that answer may be relatively easy, like simply placing pics in an appropriate folder. If it was hard coded you’d need the source file, flash knowledge and editing tool… so it all depends on what was given to you. Message me if I can be of service.

  • Hi thanks for all your tutorials! I have a site with MANY pictures, and it takes time to load all these photos. I was told a better solution is to have a photo gallery. How would I go about installing the gallery, I found a program called “sigplus” Where would I install this program in the backend and go about using it?? HELP! Thanks

  • So are you saying that it’s best to create an article, adding any images 1st for placement &THEN include the text? I have a client that’s using 1&1 hosting & we’re building a Joomla1.5 site for him now. Can the choice of webhost effect the ability to take advantage of your information? Would it be better to create the site on my xampp stack, then upload it? I’m already having to provide FileZilla in order to get the CMS to the 1&1. Thanks for any help, and thanks again for your great tuts:)

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