Lesson One – What is JOOMLA?

Want to see more ? want more? VISIT www.systemdesign.us/blog Advantages of the JOOMLA CMS (demonstrate several capabilities) • User Manager (block users, restrict users, etc.) • Moving Modules o Dynamic Menus • Easy change of looks for the future • Save maintenance time o Ability to edit and manage content (front-end) – Different uses of JOOMLA (include add-ons that are available) • Blogs • News Sites • E-Commerce • Property Management • Photo Galleries • Calendar and Gig Management • The List is Endless


  • Great introduction to Joomla! I’ve just started learning it and I am impressed with how quickly things can be done. Hope at some point to contribute to the open source community!

  • I want to create online book. On the left pane he sees titles of chapters. When he clicks on a chapter title, then it expands and the sections inside that chapter are displayed. When he clicks on a section, then the contents of the section are displayed.
    The content may contain anything – formatted text, graphics, audio, video, animation.Do you think this can be done thorugh Joomla? Or, will you suggest some other content management system? Thanks.

  • @bigbig83uk Did I say dreamweaver’s free? You get what you pay for. Dreamweaver is for pro’s and you can put more detail into a site with dreamweaver. But before you randomly look for someone to bark at, ask your self why I watched this. I probably use joomla as well as dreamweaver. And since you are a cheapskate who doesn’t want to pay for quality then your point is void because you can’t compare the two. I however, crosplatform with countless programs. Go Bark up some other tree u amature

  • @phxsmallfry I’m not a pro and I’m not a web designer. I need to re-design the company I work for website. It has to be CMS to allow my work colleagues to make small changes to the contents on the website. Will I be able to design a CMS website on dreamweaver??

  • @bigbig83uk yes you can. thanks for asking. lessons of the day: 1)CMS= Content Management System 2) set up PHP application server 3) Insall WordPress, drupal, or Joomla on the application server. 4) when asking a question only one (1) “?” is required…. On a side note if you want to better your web skills learn to crossplatform. Just like apple or pc? Answer is Both. They both have their strong points

  • I can see the dreamweaver vs joomla debate is going strong.
    Personally i use both!. Joomla definitely has its place for CMS.

  • I can see the dreamweaver vs joomla debate is going strong.
    Personally i use both!. Joomla definitely has its place for CMS.

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