• Thanks for replying!…
    I’m thinking maybe a little about shipping and speciel shipping rates or discounts
    Ex: Buy 3 and get a discount!.. Or buy 6 and you recieve free shipping.
    Something like that 🙂

  • Hello Lee. Your tutorial here is fantastic. THANK YOU! There is great demand for Magento tutorials for novice, intermediate and advanced users. I’m a novice and until I found this page, I couldn’t add any cats or products to my store. I’m having great difficulty changing the theme of my store. Perhaps you can consider doing a tutorial on that! Please keep up the good (and much needed work).

  • Thanks for the comments guys Im glad I could help, Magento is a brilliant piece of software but so different from the offer ecoms that came before it like oscommerce adn creloaded two name two.

    Ok a tutorial about changing themes I think I can fit that in watch out its coming this week!

  • Magento is the best for me. But there is a tool, which helps to manage my magento store even more effectively – Store Manager for Magneto mag-manager(.)com

  • Hi,
    When I try to add new product ( after defining attribute set and product type and click continue) , nothing happens . It just shows me blank page, Could u please help me out on this coz i’m very new to magento

    Thank you

  • Thanks very much, I couldn’t get my product to display in the frontend for some reason… By following your tutorial I got it working. Very useful !!

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