Magento Commerce Installation on Mac OS X Part 1

First in a series of videos on how to install Magento commerce 1.4 on Mac OS X Snow Leopard from scratch. Follow along on as we install it on Snow Leopard and overcome a few hurdles together. No need for VMWare, virutal boxes, shareware or Linux. We take a stock 10.6 machine, install MySQL, make a few changes to PHP 5.3 that ships with it and make it work! It said it couldn’t be done but I prove you *CAN* install Magento on a Mac!

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  • when i go to localhost/magento it brings up a skeleton index of magento page. Do you know what is wrong?
    If I view the database localhost:/8888/magento with mamp database turned on, I get the installation wizard setup like I’m supposed to get.

    what I’m trying to do is to install magento without sample data to run a theme in developement.


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