Mr. SEO Philadelphia – Phila. Search Engine Optimization Services- Call Ngenio Media Today http Why is that My fellow Colleagues within our industry in this town haven’t learned to tag a video right. Why is that SEO in Philadelphia takes SOOOO long to get ranked. Why is that so many companies are charging ridiculously low prices for SEO and never yielding a single solitary Search Result much less the business to go with it. It’s because SEO is unregulated, no official educational standards, and easy to learn hard to implement. I will exclude one firm and one firm only in this town. SEER Interactive knows what they are doing . Everybody else well… Let’s just say pay your 0 and you can be on page 10 forever. I yeah and that guy on the Billboards he’s a millionaire off your backs and doesn’t know a thing about SEO. Why is this the only search engine optimization Video in Philadelphia that ranks for the term. It’s because I’m right. Sorry guys I’m a newbie in town but I had to do this page one thing because you are destroying our industry in Philadelphia before it gets started. People don’t trust us. People should. Learn your craft. And business owners if your not fortunate enough to get Wil Reynolds call me. My Resume Speaks for itself. Jeff Whitt 215-833-0880

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