N-Screens Problem with HTML5 (W3C Conference Nov 2011)

N-Screens Problem is a set of challenges you come across when you develop an App for multiple connected devices. How HTML5 WebApp solution was the most promising solution for the developers. My session was around the 7 Key implementation challenges you will face when developing a Web App solution for multiple devices with different form factors. The 7 key challenges were, Feature Detection, Layout detection, Using CSS3, Choice of Animation between SVG, Canvas, CSS3 Animation, and WebGL, Audio Video related problems and their work-arounds, and how to use advanced HTML5 API with a brief on Polyfills and Shims. Here is the online demo of my presentation. Source code is also available at the demo page. Detect your N-device HTML5 features and APIs at widgets-gadgets.com —————————————————– Everything you need to know about developing HTML5 Apps on multiple devices is at W3C conference. www.w3.org —————————————————– Redmond, Nov 15-16, 2011, amazing conference, first time all the vendors together, instead of talks about individual device/ browsers, all the sessions were focused on the common part, the HTML5 part. If you missed the conference check videos here www.w3.org

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