• Not trying to compete with the big dogs. But what about other online stores, that have similar products. Like mommy & baby web stores?

    Thanks for the info. Very helpful.

  • That also can be tough, but I would still suggest starting out with a very niche store and to help drive traffic to that store you might also create an information site that focuses on various baby related keywords to help generate some free search engine traffic. Then you can drive traffic from your site to your store. Content sites are much easier to draw traffic to than stores.

  • Just wanted to add… paypal isn’t totally free. I get charged 30 cents per transaction plus 2.9%. It’s more if you don’t have a premiere account.

  • I want to start a photography store. I take the pictures, hand out some business cards and hope for some orders to come in, what would you sudgeest, and yes… I plan on READING the information on your sites. Thank, and GREAT VIDEOS/

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