• With Major Studios now using Open HTML5 Trailers Before 2012, Linux users can now watch Plug-In Free Movie Previews on Ubuntu, Mint, or any of the
    300+ Distros Available. 2012 is going to change the face of Advertising with
    Open-Formats being Finally Accepted by Major Corporations and all other
    Businesses, as a High-Performance Ad/Media Technology. Reaching all
    Firefox users without any Plug-Ins, is now Crucial to Professional Marketing
    Campaigns, and OGG + WebM are Positive for Everyone to use.

  • A Positive Open HTML5 Ad/Media Technology used by Major Movie Studios,
    is being utilized in a Free-Market Economy. An Ubuntu Tablet or HTML5 TV
    utilization with integrated Open HTML5 Web-Browser, is already supported
    by Major Corporations which see it as Crucial, if-not Mandatory to reach
    Firefox, in Professional Marketing Campaigns. Firefox, Chrome and Opera,
    all work on Ubuntu (of-course), with mint, + the 300+ Linux Distros Available.
    Open HTML5 + Linux is supported for Open Web Multimedia.

  • IMMORTALS is Number 1 at the Box Office with OGG and WebM HTML5 used
    for the Trailers. Reaching Firefox is a Positive way to promote Top Hollywood
    Movies, and is Crucial to Professional U.S./ International Marketing Campaigns
    OGG-Theora playing a very Important role in the Success of a Top Hollywood
    Movie, is a Milestone for Open HTML5 Advertising Formats. OGG and WebM
    are already Mandatory for reaching the Firefox Market Share online without
    using Plug-Ins, and is a Correct Choice for Trailers

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