Own Your Blog or Else! Easy WordPress Install

www.expertsmarketingcoach.com Watch this video tutorial and see how simple it is to get online with a blog today! Create a blog using free software from wordpress.org and get tips on why, if you want to become a serious blogger, if you want to make money with your blog or, if you want to control your blog, then using free blogs such as blogger.com or wordpress.com is NOT an option … You must own your blog. Here’s why …if you use hosted solutions such as blogger.com or wordpress.com, they can delete your site without your permission and there is nothing you can do about it. Also, using hosted sites to host your blog means that you have limited opportunities of monetizing your blog because some of them don’t allow you to make the most of advertising with say Google AdSense. WordPress.com for example makes it very clear that it is against their terms of service to commercialize your WordPress.com hosted blog by hosting paid advertising and will result in your blog being deleted. In fact, I’ve just been reading one forum where there is a reader called “Rainmaker” and he seems to have made it his job to report people who are commercializing their WordPress blogs and within no time, their sites have been deleted by WordPress. So don’t say you haven’t been warned. What you need to do is go to WordPress.org and download their free software and then upload the software to the server where you have your own hosting account, using your own domain name. Alternatively, you can use


  • hi, im really stuck on my blog,ive deleted my plugin from the panel and now i cant get it back can you help me please,im really stuck i have no idea what to do

  • I find that having a cool title to your blog really helps. For example, my blog used to be something like blablahblog(.)blogspot(.)com, but then I switched it to diyeinstein(.)com (do it yourself Einstein! Creative, I know). I find a lot of people who view my blog actually type diyeinstein into Google, which is a rare path for starter blogs. I think it is purely the interesting name that lets me get those views.

    Check it out, diyeinstein (just type it into Google, it WILL be first link!)

  • I did – checked it out … very novel. I will have to try making the paper helicopter with my daughter since she’s always wanting the fastest paper aeroplane. 🙂
    In terms of domain names, I agree to make it interesting and where possible, add your keywords in it. It seems the top internet marketers had been ignoring this for some time but now they are realizing it’s what the search engines want and so they want that extra SEO point.

  • Great video to help people to get started on WordPress. I myself have several videos on my channel to help web designers to get started. Check out my videos like How to Auto Install WordPress, and to get to the next level check out How Do I Register A Domain Name? My video Build a Niche Website explains the psychological processes of running a website such as waiting patiently to try and make money and I explain that it takes real marketing to get a website started, even on wordpress.

  • Hey Trish, got a question would i have to go buy a domain name if i installed this type of blog that you are talking about, I want to do a blog but I want it to have a domain name so that i can add GoogleAds and all.

  • i just opened a wordpress blog and wanted to know how to get an affiliate link and clickbank link on my blog? can this be done?

  • @benarddor yes you can. If you do a search on youtube for adding links to a wordpress, you’ll find some useful videos. I would have posted a link, but the system won’t let me. 🙂

  • @HaychKaii I’m using Bluehost. I personally don’t do free. It can create all kinds of issues including lack of customer support, ads on your site and worst of all, it could be here today and gone tomorrow.

  • @TheBloggingQueen thank you so much. i’m new to wordpress and blogging in general and was getting quit frustrated.

  • Hey 🙂

    Very good video. For people who want to make a lot of money with their blog, homepage or articles I have a very nice free gift: a software that is designed to NSTANTLY create passive revenue streams in your website content.

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  • Cool vid! Got some good take aways. Thanks.
    I purchased hosting for myself the first time just before, up until now I was just using free wordpress blogs with a masked domain. I found a coupon code though for hostgator which is who I finally chose I’m pretty sure others can use it as well: VIPHGATOR1 first month for only 1 cent isn’t to bad lol

  • What hosting are you using that has the fantastico happy face button ? can i use a free server and have the fanstico button put there ?

  • I love your accent!
    Thank you for posting this video. I have been wanting to make my own site for so long but was always scared that it would be too hard. This is a great tutorial.

  • Oh Trish, i went to godaddy and there is an option of ‘wordpress and go daddy hosting’ package. Would you recommend this for a personal blog? Is it the same as what you were showing in this video?

    Thank you!

  • @Faerthrienn I personally don’t like godaddy hosting but it’s entirely up to you. Most cPanel hosting providers have the wordpress script including bluehost and hostgator, both of which I use.

    All the best,


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