• Hi Melissa, love the goodies,particularly loved the 8 x 8 pad ( what was that called again?). The sassafras lass stamps, kristina Werner has done a cute card with the giraffe stamp- I don’t remember if it was on her YouTube as a MACM (make a card Monday ) video or a finally Friday one for two peas in a bucket ) she’s also one of their garden girls. Anyway speak soon and hope my mail and photos came through ok as been having pc problems my end 🙂

  • @angeld78 Ya I hate paying for shipping!! There shipping is really good it is 12.99 for any where is canada even if you have a really big order I think it is still 12.99 and you get a tracking number and it is pretty fast I get mine in a day or two once it is shipped!!
    Thanks for watching!!

  • Nice haul! How was the shipping cost? I’m in Canada too and usually always buy my stuff from the states and shipping is ridiculous. Nice to see a Canadian store carrying good products.

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