• @needo2new I don’t know what’s wrong with your computer, Flash, Java and Unity never crash for me. The fps that Flash runs at is to do with your hardware and drivers, not just the flash player.

  • @needo2new actually it was a java and with the google web toolkit compiled into high performance js code that makes this run

  • While I have compiled it before, I would like to test it again now WebGL is out of the obscurity and into beta (the framerates were horrible at first). Anywhere I can play a compiled version of this, because I don’t want to go through all that hassle again.

  • @Ereziel Sigh… Flash has a 99% of installs on each computer, the most popular browsers (IE8 and Firefox 3.6) have poor support for HTML5 and as most people don’t update their shit, that will last pretty long.

    HTML5 isn’t like Flash at all, Flash can create animation movies that can be shared in minimal files with vector graphics (so highest quality possible).

    HTML5 isn’t even in beta yet. Sure, HTML5 would be great for movies and sites, but Flash is much better for other things.

  • @TheRobin1232 It won’t be fully replaced, but at least, it could be uninstalled without really an impact for much users (like me), who only needs flash for megavideo, youtube and a few other sites..
    I don’t want any vector graphics in a web site, nor I do like them, so for me, will be enough for it to be uninstalled.

  • @TheRobin1232 Then you and me share same opinion, well, Flash itself could not die, but its plugin could, or at least, now everybody have an option! 🙂
    In someone wants to play minigames or something like that (this kind of people are just a %), then, they can have it installed, for all the rest, it is useless if HTML5 grows good.

  • @TheRobin1232 If you use IE8, it’s your own fault.
    If you don’t update your Firefox, you can’t expect all the shiny new features either.

  • @sookoll23 The problem is, 90% of users are too retarded to know what a web browser is. I had to force my mom and my sister not to use IE (now using Chrome, like me).

  • So… HTML5 has few more elements like audio and video. Does that mean I no longer need javascript to make things move? Untill now I’ve made dynamic websites using javascript and XHTML 1.0 strict, so how does html5 differ? Can someone please tell me?

  • @MixailV Fail….. Quake 2 is much better than this bullshit, and this page is talking about Quake 2 for HTML5….

  • @TheRobin1232 damn can’t be more right! everyone in my school use IE8 because they think it’s better, I always go unistall the IE8 or just broke it, and install the Google Chrome (FTW) but one day later they unistall the google and install IE8 again…. FAIL

  • @WXKFA still need javascript bro. They add some new elements like canvas tag for you to draw bitmap graphics like the one here, and svg is also becoming part of html5 standard. You can use javascript to access the DOM of svg now — I think svg wasn’t really part of html 4 or xhtml 1.0 strict, although most browsers nowadays support it

  • @windows987654321 its not going on whats better… What you think when i say “html games” and you dont know what html5 has ? Now you can perform various things in html but its just beginning

  • How do u compare a powerful language like AS3 with JS? We all know HTML, CSS and JS is not so pretty and there comes the nightmare of tweaking it for different browsers. I hope it gets better. But for now RIA and games belongs to Flash. Well atleast for few years. BTW checkout Stage3d demos on flash you will know how advanced they are.

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