• A few suggestions: Do you have any NextGen ‘partner’ plugins that work with NextGen Gallery? If so, disable and see if that fixes it. If you go to “Manage Gallery”, do you see photos or are those blank as well? Try uploading small photos to test… sometimes hosts choke on full size 5+ megapixel pics and it’s a good idea to crop to 800×600 before uploading. If you disable all other plugins, does it work? If so, re-activate other plugins one at a time to find your conflict. Hope this helps!!! -A

  • Where did you get that NextGEN insert gallery into post icon from?

    I haven’t got one of them on my write post page.
    I’ve got the normal NextGEN plugin but am I missing something else?

  • That icon should show up in the toolbar automatically when NextGen is installed. I looked under Settings and it’s not an option you can turn on & off. Do you have any plugins that enhance the toolbar like Advanced TinyMCE? I do, but it does still show up though… Maybe try disabling ALL plugins EXCEPT NextGen and see if it appears. If it does, activate your plugins one by one until you see what may be making it break.

    Good luck!

  • Awesome tut, thx. Having a problem with the slideshow, the JW Player. It just shows a black screen. Any ideas on a quick fix? Thanks again.

  • this wordpress is a pain in the ass and I hate it with all my heart
    It’s the most stupid thing ever made
    I was looking for a photoblog and I just can’t figure out how to create a photo gallery after hours of research
    Following this video on my wordpress page i get widgets instead of plugins and there is no search for widgets or plugins option everything is greyed out.
    there is no Add new gallery in my menu.
    who created this stupid blog website, it’s absolutely complicated and useless

  • Thanks! I’ve been searching for this sort of image gallery for a while and my friend sent me your link. check out my blog and leave a comment! drumatics(dot)com

    You can also see the before(frustrating) and after(smooth loading) different in viewing the gallery. =)

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