Screencast: Introducing Magento Widgets

From version 1.4 onwards, the Magento eCommerce software offers a new feature called Magento widgets. By using these extensions, webmasters are able to add some extra functionality to their Magento stores.


  • dosent work in magento

    if use twitter get result Fatal error: Interface ‘Mage_Cms_Block_Widget_Interface’ not found in /home/danxxxxx/public_html/magento/app/code/local/Sample/WidgetOne/Block/Twitter.php on line 58

  • Thanks for the video. After learning how to use widgets i went searching for a few widgets and found a great site for magento widgets. I bought the featured products widget and it worked perfect! I just googled “magewidgets”

  • @Autogn0m actually you need to replace ”Mage_Cms_Block_Widget_Interfa­ce’ with ‘Mage_Widget_Block_Interface’ will solve your problem.

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