SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION | SEO | TIPS | TUTORIAL | KEYWORDS | LEVEL 3 STEP 5 SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION | SEO | TIPS | TUTORIAL | KEYWORDS April 10 2011 What are Keywords? Keywords are part of the information search engines use when they include your website in their search results. Keywords can make or break your search engine ranking. Good ones can improve the ranking. Bad ones (or overuse) can cause your site to be banned for spamming. http Keywords are the words or phrases in the content of your website that someone is most likely to use when searching for your online business or website. Here are answers to some common questions about keywords: What is search volume? Search volume is the estimated number of times a keyword or phrase is used in Web searches on all search engines. The number is typically provided for a specific period of time such as an hour, day, or month. With Search Engine Visibility, you can research keywords quickly because we have partnered with WordTracker® Keywords to provide daily search volume estimates to customers. For more information and their formula, see the website. http How many keywords can I use? When referring to keywords or phrases in your website’s content, there is no limit. A good rule of thumb is to target five to 10 words or phrases that have a high search volume and best represent your Web page content. Then, be sure to use these words and phrases relevantly and often on your Web page. What is keyword density? Search engines use keyword density to determine the

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