Search Engine Optimization with zed eCommerce 7.4 – Part 1 – SEO, Sitemap Creator, XML Sitemaps

In zed E-Commerce 7.4 we introduce new features to aid in search engine optimization. While these features cannot guarantee higher rankings in themselves, they allow our customers to target qualified leads and new customers in ways not possible with previous versions. 1. URL Rewrite for categories, items, and static pages allows for shortened and more readable URL’s. 2. Customizable META description tags separate from item descriptions. 3. META keyword and description tags for categories 4. XML Sitemap creator fully compatible with Google Webmaster, Bing Web Master and Yahoo site submit. 5. Automatic detection of search engine crawlers triggering the pages of a category list to use hyperlinks for page links instead of JavaScript. 6. Compression of the ASP.Net viewstate resulting in smaller overall page sizes and faster load times. 7. Google Analytics integration with default theme 8. Default robots.txt file for search engine crawler guidance XML Sitemap Creator is included with zed eCommerce 7.4

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