SEO Search Engine Optimization with zed E-Commerce 7.4 Part 2 – URL Rewriting, XML Sitemaps

Search Engine Optimization with zed E-Commerce 7.4 – URL Rewriting, XML Sitemap Creator, META Tags To create your XML Sitemap, go to the SEO tab and check all the items you wish to include in your XML sitemap such as static pages, featured products, coupon pages, catalog of products ..etc. After you choose the items you wish included to your XML Sitemap, then save the file and you will get options to submit your sitemap to Google, Yahoo and Windows Live. Google Webmaster Central is a powerful and unique service provided free to web content publishers. To sign up go to: Once you have access, add your website to the list of sites to manage. This can be done in a few different ways, and in this example we’ll place a file in the root of the website for verification. Google Analytics Integration

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