Serif WebPlus X5 Tutorial – Creating an Online Store

See how easy it is to add items to an online store using WebPlus X5, so you can start selling products and making money online, taking and processing card transactions easily and securely. Now supporting slick PayPal Mini Carts.


  • Great stuff.
    Serif webplus was great software before. Looks even better now.
    I was using coffeecup shopping cart designer til now.
    But If I get this new serif x5, It seems to be able to do it all.

    One main problem with coffecup(older version at least):
    I couldnt adjust the p&p for bulk buys, so even if someone bought ten cd’s, they would have to pay full p&p for each cd.

    Any way to re-calculate p&p depending on items/quantity?

    Quite hard to do with a wysiwyg software i guess?

  • @MysticReverie Hi Mystic no it’s not hard to do, thankfully. There’s a step by step wizard process for adding items to a store. One need only add a description and price at the basic level, clicking Next through the rest if desired, but one of those steps allows different shipping prices to be specified for the first and subsequent items, with a separate one-off handling charge if needed as well. HTH.

  • The Paypal shopping cart doesnt work if you want to add different options that require different prices. I called them today and they have a bug that we need to wait untill the next patch is released to fix. I guess I’ll put my business on hold then?

  • @FantasticMedia I Thought it was just me not inputting the information right, so its happening to other people as well…so fustrating, my whole eCommerce is on changing price option & its not letting me do that….

  • I am using the same tools you used and have run into a problem I am wondering if you can clear up?

    My problem is that if I add an item and pick an option as you did in your demo then after adding to cart I go back and add another of the same item but with different option the minicart just updates the quantity. It doesn’t seem to identify that the option is different for each, it just updates the quanitity to 2. Any ideas how to fix this?

  • @smo10018 Hi there, I have to apologise on behalf of our developers, this worked fine when WebPlus X5 was launched but was accidentally affected by the latest patch, (v13.01.020). That patch fixed a number of issues and improved WebPlus X5 but this was an unforeseen side effect that testing did not pick up. You can uninstall that patch for now using your Windows Control Panel to restore previous behaviour, the final fix for this will be in the next patch due in October. HTH, Dale.

  • Hi there, I am trying to make an online store using serif and wanted to know if there was a way to put the number of items in stock and then if someone buys an item, the number will drop down automatically?

  • @craftyness12 Hi crafty. Yes this is possible although it’ll involve choosing a store and adding it to your site manually by inserting pages or HTML code. The stores and carts built in to WebPlus do not support stock control, this is a fairly advanced feature so it’s worth choosing a store that supports all the e-commerce you’ll need. You can still design your site with WebPlus and add any store to your site too, there’s just an extra hoop to jump through to bring the two together. HTH.

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