Speed Test: Flash vs HTML5 On The Nexus One

Unfortunately Android doesnt yet have flash support on its phones by OS default, but weve been assured over and over again that it is coming. While Apple disregards Flash on the iPad in favor of HTML5 (and to spite Adobe), the jury is still out and will be for some time on which is more efficient for rendering animation. Michael Chaize highlighted a test designed to determine which is currently faster on Android Flash or HTML5 by running some simple benchmarking animations on his Nexus One: At about 2 minutes and 20 seconds in, you can clearly see that Flash is the victor, rendering animated balls with shadows MUCH more quickly and smoothly than HTML5 with both running on the Nexus One. Furthermore, when testing the animation with Flash 10.1 on the Nexus One he gets 20fps, while Safari only runs the animation at 1-2fps on the iPhone 3GS with HTML5.


  • Flash can be faster to display small animated dots, but try to run complete apps like Adobe’s Buzzword on a netbook and you will see why AJAX is a lot faster on this kind of task.

  • Except flash has been in development for years and has had many versions… HTML 5 video and audio tags still have at least ten years of development to go so how about testing them when both products are finshed?

  • @uaboob If the “real internet” is proprietary, CPU hugging and laggy as fuck, AND scaled down to fit on a 3″ screen, i prefer not to use it at all.

  • @xsonicbladex scaling can happen automatically to fit your device… Its up to the programmer to do this if they so choose. I only watch movies on a 10 foot screen. I only listen to uncompressed music when I am really listening. Unfortunately a lot of people think compressed music sounds terrific. Everyone has their own priority and Apples is to minimize hardware in lieu of advertising dollars. Some put more into their hardware than advertising.

  • @uaboob I was one of those people for the longest time… Thinking that a 128kbps MP3 sounded fine why would I ever need FLAC or anything similar… Then I bought an entire album in FLAC and then was able to download it in MP3 as well I was literally blown away… I’m still upgrading my HTPC with more drives just so that I can re-rip all of my old CD’s… Sounds so amazing now… Just thought I would share…

  • html5 is the future. It doesn’t matter if it sucks now because Flash was garbage when it first came out too. Give it some time to mature and I’m sure that it can be just as effective as Flash and then some.

  • @oplixity
    That’s about as rediculous a comment as I’ve seen in ages. So you think HTML5 needs to mature to catch up with Flash? Running the same hardware now and performing as Flash did years and years ago on slower hardware?

    Even if HTML5 was to mature in however many years they’ll need to toil away to improve performance, Flash will continue to surge ahead. Horses for causes.

    Many have raised the video tag in HTML5 replacing embedded Flash video, and I don’t dispute that.

  • If anyone’s read the code this is running… the canvas demo being tested is highly unoptimised and using a very basic (expensive) rendering technique where the flash has been optimised quite heavily

    I wouldn’t trust these results as I don’t think it’s anywhere near a fair comparison

  • Has anyone noticed that the only thing we’re seeing is fps? If you’ve got any type of system monitor on your computer, look at your processor while running each of these tests. HTML5 tests took about half the processing power required by the Flash tests.

  • @SporloMBSSB
    Are you on a mac?
    Macs are basically designed just for making flash take more power. On a Normal PC flash can get access to the computers hardware and use the graphics processor to make it more efficient. And even then Flash can still be more efficient on certain browsers.

  • @oplixity Also, remember that flash is a standard that is controlled by one body (adobe) and can’t be “interpreted” like HTML-x can. Look at all the different flavors of HTML. Not a single browser supports the standard to the letter. HTML 5 will not be any different. Microsoft will tweak it for it’s own browser, mozilla and chrome will certainly follow suit.

  • Html5 is the way to go it’s only slower because it is newer but it will soon become MUCH faster. Once the code gets smoothed out you will see.


  • Steve Jobs Himself SUCKs not Flash, big loser, Ipod, Iphone – Ipad hahahaha 3G 3GS 4G OS 4, sooon OS 5 never stop, iphone battery eater, and bursted so many times, cant extend memory sucks a lot Steve Job really bad job

  • question is…..who you want to control the animation on the web?… any browser (html5 world standards)? or just Adobe…
    Couple of reasons it shouldnt be flash:
    – Adobe flash is a propietary product and web animation should be open to every1.
    – If Adobe fails in deliver a good flash plugin, we are all doomed.
    – If Adobe makes good profit, other brands will come and u can tell the “standards” good bye (silverlight any1? lol)
    I know u all know a few other reasons… just complete this list. 😉

  • @cdct81
    Why not have room for both, and let people choose which they would like? The way I see it, the more development tools the better. Let’s more people jump into the scene.

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