Sports Illustrated Magazine – HTML5

A collaboration between TWF, Google, and SI for the Google I/O 2010 Keynote Presentation. Narrated by SI Editor, Terry McDonell Developed in HTML5 using: CSS Animation Embedded Fonts Drag & Drop HTML5 Video Geolocation Web Workers App Cache Web DB Feeds Google Maps API Google Buzz API Rails Lazy Loading Pages (And no Flash)


  • Is this a web site meant to run in a browser, or is it an app? I’m assuming the former because he says it’s for “laptops, netbooks, and tablets”. And why are desktops left out?

  • This is a great example of HTML5 and “print media” from Sports Illustrated. Showing the intersection of HTML5 and print media content is much needed.

    Reading a printed magazine is a luxury, it can be a non-multitasking refuge from our online selves. Soon, the content of the magazine industry will be opposite of static; it will be multimedia and links to other places. All on and blinking. Searchable.

    I’ll take my print subscription at home for refuge, and add online for reference.

  • What specifically about this app is HTML5? At first glance there is nothing here that couldn’t be done before HTML5. What parts of HTML5 are being displayed?

  • @fishdashtrackdotcom Every article uses the new HTML5 elements for structure: section, article, aside, et al. We’re also using drag and drop (both built-in and custom), geolocation, web workers, video, app cache, and a lot of neat tricks to speed everything up. The app performs significantly faster in HTML5 because we don’t have to rely on Javascript to animate objects or Flash to embed beautiful typography.

  • HUH – i want to see REAL – on a tablet, fingers no mouse… not over slick , just REAL without all the prepped vaporware feel WF does. Its been months of this and showcase videos are still what we get? C’mon guys. We :Love SI. Get ‘er done.

  • Wow! So hope this kind of interface becomes the norm for magazines. Sadly I am not interested in sport but if my favourite tech mags are published like this for the ipad… i’m laughing… and even enjoying the ads!?!

  • @Elroyisspaceboyzoom I was thinking the same thing. I see the inhouse Time inc staff adopting a CMS for all magazine sites & apps. I wonder if @thewonderfactoryny will be setting it up for them

  • @thewonderfactoryny Or it may make them step up and make flashing, noisy HTML5 rather than Flash banner adverts. There is a precedent for this happening. It would be great if they did make interesting adverts but it’s easier to be annoying than good.

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