• Is WordPress killing web design, or is lazy web design killing web design? WordPress is just a tool, no different than a pencil or paintbrush. Print designers imposing their preconceived idea of design onto the platform of the web hinders web design; lazy designers who don’t push WP hinders web design; not WordPress.

    The tool is indifferent. WP doesn’t make or break design anymore than a pencil makes or breaks a drawing. It’s the designer on the other end of the tool who’s responsible for that.

  • @TenTonBooks Hear hear, jolly good show! I’m a longitme web designer and I’ve jsut gotten into WordPress – What I thin kit does is free a designer to focus on design without the time and cost associated with setting up or building a CMS. It lets you be a designer again with the added bonus that the site is robust and manageable for clients.

    Stick THAT in your workflow pipeline and smoke it!

  • but WP is primarily a blog engine. You get much more freedom if you use a cms like MODx or even Silverstripe. How can WP give any designer freedom? What am i missing? As an afterthought, child-themes are awesome, particularly thematic. Go see.

  • Real estate web hosting template companies have killed many of the mindsets for agents. Let’s get a template that looks like everybody else for free, go find a theme and hope that it makes you money.

  • Our sites are drop dead gorgeous, intricate designs and still gave the basic user tons of ways to interact with their sites.

  • WordPress can be very helpful sometimes. I think it actually it is actually on a per project basis if it is going to be useful.

  • I’m just a beginner here but every site I’ve started, starts with a blank CS4 canvas and my cms is built around my design.

  • I’ve been using WordPress for a while now, but when it comes to designing a theme, I can’t seem to latch on to how to do it. I know basic web design, but I’m very confused by WordPress’ language and can’t seem to turn a web theme I create into a WordPress theme (let alone any of the other CMSs).

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