Keyword Research | Google Adwords Keyword Tool | 2010 Keyword research performed with the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Includes info on how to use the interface properly. Google Adwords Keyword Tool – Keyword Research Tutorial 2010 How to use the Google Keyword Tool. Details the advanced functions of the Google Adwords Keyword Tool so you can get the most of this best of breed Keyword Tool. Keyword research looks at the particular words and phrases users enter to search for solutions to problem, products and services … this research for keywords related to your interest will also include the analysis of which ones yield the highest return on investment. Ultimately we want to find the phrases that have the best combination of: • Demand — higher is better • Competition — lower is better • A clear intention tightly related to your market or potential solution This includes researching the number of times a keyword or keyword phrase or it’s derivatives (plurals, etc) is searched for and the competitiveness of it. These best keywords, or search terms are targeted for a website’s search engine rankings. During this process you will record and analyze your results. Why it’s important to your business: • You can find the problem within your broad interest areas • You can analyze these problems to learn what trends of problem exist • Determine if your discovered problems indicate potential niche markets • The ability to build a website on what people truly are looking for from the ground on up Good