Dragon’s Den Episode 3: Easy Daysies Shopify Store

www.shopify.com Episode 3 On-Air September 28, 2011 School is in when the Dragons are taught the importance of an easy day; a musical about bullying targets the Den; and a shocking invention takes the headache out of investing. Plus a celebrity chef tries to cool up a deal. THIS CLIP is of Easy Daysies (Magnetic Schedules for Kids), an online store buit by ecommerce shopping cart software Shopify (http You can buy Easy Daysies at www.EasyDaysies.com Dragons’ Den is A Canadian entrepreneurial show which airs on the CBC in Canada. The shows concept consists of a panel of successful Canadian millionaires being pitched ideas from budding entrepreneurs for a financial investment and % of the idea

WordPress 3.3 error – Woke up to a lovely FATAL ERROR today

whoismikehobbs.com WordPress 3.3 Error How I woke up today to the “Upgrade Your WordPress to 3.3” message today! Normally I don’t worry about backing things up because I have a plugin that backs it up daily for me on autopilot, so I just clicked the upgrade link then all of a sudden got the FATAL ERROR message! Dang it!!!!! haha Well I searched everywhere and tried tons of different things to fix it and found an easy solution to this wordpress 3.3 error. This wordpress error for me was caused by the plugin called Pop Up Domination. I know a lot of internet marketers use this plugin so I thought I would get this blog out to help you out! Steps to get rid of the WordPress 3.3 error with Popup Domination Step 1 – Open up your FTP program and find and open your “plugins folder” Step 2 – Rename the “popup-domination” plugin. You can just put a dash and a number after it if you want That will deactivate the plugin so you should have access to your back office again. At this point you can rename the file back and just leave it deactivated… If you would like to still use the Pop Up Domination plugin then just don’t upgrade to wordpress 3.3 until the plugin updates to be compatible with it… Hope this helped! Mike Hobbs If this wordpress 3.3 error has affected a different plugin let me know below, we can use the same process of deactivating those!