Advanced HTML5 JavaScript: Down ‘n Dirty

Kyle Simpson, senior software engineer at Zynga and co-author of O’Reilly’s HTML5 Cookbook, discusses the building of a multiplayer online game that weaves together several advanced API’s. Some of the main topics include: canvas appCache localStorage/sessionStorage History API Web Sockets Web Workers Local Files ** check out for more educational videos and resources on open source developement

HTML5 Dev Conf: JavaScript Programming Style and Your Brain with Douglas Crockford

In this video from HTML5 Dev Conf, world renowned JavaScript expert, author, creator of JSLint, and discoverer of JSON, Douglas Crockford is going to talk about effective programming style for JavaScript. JavaScript is one of the least perfect programming languages, and in this talk Douglas is going to show you some positive things you can do to reduce your error rate and enhance the beauty of your code.

HTML5 Dev Conf: HTML5 the 30000 Foot Overview Updated

Peter Lubbers is the Director of Documentation and Training at Kaazing. He is also the co-author of the Apress book Pro HTML 5 Programming and teaches HTML5 training courses here at Marakana. In this video he will gives us an overview of HTML5 and the direction in which it is heading. Peter will introduce HTML5, he will explain what it is, as well as give us a brief history of HTML, he will tell you why it is worth using, its feature areas, and lastly your HTML5 2011 toolkit. ** Learn more about HTML5 Development at