The Best Blogging Software Around – WordPress – Hello again everyone, this video tutorial is about WordPress and how to install and use some of it’s basic features. Two ways of installing WordPress are covered, Fantastico and Manual. Fantastico is preferred by most people and me, it makes the process simpler. If you have access to Fantastico then you should definitely use that. http and both have the Fantastico service available for their free users. I use http and would suggest that. Thanks to BlackJackEnt for suggesting this tutorial. http Visit for more!


  • Thank You. This really helped us setup our new website. If you could though, for some reason whenever we try to access our Dashboard, it takes forever to load. Do you know of any way to speed this up?

  • No I buy my web space I get more of what I want I like wordpress it is fun to use but I might try something different for my website later just to compare.

  • Great video. You may want to check out pagely. It’s a 2 minute WordPress setup that includes WordPress install, domain name, popular plugins, updates, backups, secure hosting….

    @GreenStopVideos1 It sounds like your host may too many sites on a server or you have too many plugins activated.

  • The fantastico installer in byethost and 000webhost for free users is just a show, they won’t let free users touch it 🙁

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