• I totally love this Posterous thing… I have a number of sites there now. The challenge is worth it’s weight in gold already!

  • So is the point of this to create more blogs?

    Okay, so lets say I create one more blog and I use postrous won’t it just copy everything I write to different platforms?

    Why is it good to have the same content in different places? if its just for the back links then why not create new articles so everything is not the same ?!

    Just my two cents.

    Thanks guru bob.

  • @CheapestGasEl
    Agreed, last year it was all about “Unique Content”… I thought search engines didn’t like all this copying.

  • @CheapestGasEl
    This WordPress blog is different from your main blog. You should not post your main WPD blog posts anywhere else. But this blog will be linked to your Posterous network and will receive secondary content that will help build links.

  • @ lVlossy
    If you listened carefully to the videos, you’d know that Ed specifically stated that it is a new concept and they’ve been testing it for quite some time…

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