The Queen of Auctions Trash to Cash Reality Show FREE Flatware Baccarat and a Piano? Really! Spend some time at Headquarters with Lynn Dralle (The Queen of Auctions) Carmen, Mo, Houston, Indy, Mor Mor, and meet Garage Sale Lou. See what really goes on behind the scenes of a successful eBay, antiques and collectibles business. Crazy and fun times. Lynn’s Grandmother was Cheryl Leaf and she owned and operated her store for 51 years and was highly respected in the antiques and collectibles business. She was a charter member of the National Association of Dealers in Antiques and wrote many articles for their journal .Lynn has been selling online for more than 10 years, and in addition to selling on ebay, she has taught classes on how to run a successful ebay business, as well as created an auction tracking system for ebayers, written a weekly ezine and produced several how to videos.


  • As usual..very intertaining and upbeat..we kinda need this attitude if we’re to be successful..for heavens sakes..we need to be havin fun with this…thanks Lynn, Mo & Carmen for confirming it!!!!!!

  • I LOVE you guys! You have motivated me! I’ve been at this eBay since Jan.2010…lately I’ve been in a slump..after a negative angry customer that gave me bad feedback. You changed that and now I’m chomping at the bit! (littlemarymixup@eBay)

    I have to tell you all that you remind me of our college friends…laughing and having so much fun! You made my day! You deserve to do well…you have awesome spirit!

    My mom died just before I started this but wow! Would she be in heaven doing this with me

  • Thanks Mary, Glad we could encourage you! Keep it up, you can’t please everyone, but the good customers make it well worth it… and yes, we have a blast together!!!

  • Hey girls..can I come and work with you? Looks like alot of fun..Oh..Oh..never mind I will just live my life vicariously thru your videos..yea..yea…that works for me!!!!!!!!

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